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Invitation to 7th Polish Open Backgammon Championships
Backgammon Poland is proud to invite you to 7th Polish Open Backgammon Championships, which will take place September 30th - October 1st 2023 in Warsaw.

Main sponsor: kurnik.pl (PlayOK)
Registration: http://mp.backgammon.pl/index_en.php

Rules: EUBGF tournament rules, all matches clocks mandatory in Main Event and Backgammon Poland Cup

Tournament Venue:
Hotel Gromada Centrum
Pl. Powstańców Warszawy 2
00-030 Warszawa

Hotel Gromada Centrum is offering 15% discount for guests coming to the Championships. To take advantage of the offer, you can book your room on www.gromada.pl, using promo code backgammon, or directly on the promotion site: https://booking.profitroom.com/pl/hot...;no-cache=

Entry fees:
Championship (main event): 100 zł
Backgammon Poland Cup: 50 zł
Superjackpot: 100zł

Prizes: 100% return in all events, throphies for winners

Schedule: Saturday, September 30th
11:45 - last registration for Championship
12:00 - Championship starts
20:00 - Superjackpot starts

Sunday, October 1st
9:45 - last registration for Backgammon Poland Cup
10:00 - Backgammon Poland Cup starts
10:00 - Championship continues
17:00 - Quiz
17:30 - Championship final
20:00 - Award ceremony

Tournament format:
Championship - 3KO + TOP16 playoff
2KO: 7p matches
TOP 16: 11p/11p/13p/13p

Backgammon Poland Cup - 2KO (max 32 players)
Undefeated: 7p matches, 11p final
Losers bracket (max II place): 5p matches

Superjackpot - single KO (max 16 players), one rebuy, 9p matches

Attention!!! Side-events mentioned above are available only to players that are out of the main event

Chicken soup - is a free-to-enter fun side-event, under special patronage from our sponsor kurnik.pl (eng. henhouse), who provided prizes for two top players - Philos Backgammon boards. During the whole weekend any player can challenge another player to a DMP match (each opponent only once!). The player to accumulate the highest number of points before the award ceremony wins.

Important note!!! Number of participants is limited, please pre-register online: http://mp.backgammon.pl/index_en.php
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